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Mindset Bedeutung


What does the term mindset describe? 

Is the meaning mentality the same?

What types of mindsets are there?

Mindset tips and tricks 

Begriff Mindset

Term: Mindset 

This is about the inner attitude of people. These include mindset, behavior and belief. That is, the attitude of one's own, and thus one's own self-image, towards things and challenges.

Begriff Mentalität

Term: mentality

The term mentality is often used as a synonym for mindset. 

Thus, it is often understood to mean the same thing. Despite everything, there are minimalist differences.

Mindset und Mentalität Vergleich

Mindset vs. mentality

mindset: Having a certain way of thinking about a person or forming an opinion about something

mentality: A general certain mindset 

Mind set example

He visited several locations in the city and spoke to many residents to better understand their mindset.

The mindset describes getting a feeling of how the residents of the city think and which topics interest them.

So he wants to get a feeling of how other people think and change / build his own mindset about a certain person or group.

mentality example

I love learning languages, unlike others who have a different negative attitude towards it.

Here, the mentality describes the value of learning other languages in order to also get to know the culture. In addition to becoming a versatile person in the end. 

This is a certain way of thinking that is commonly held on the subject. 

Mindset Types

In theory, there are 2 types of mindsets. Here we briefly describe the so-calledGrowthmindset and thatFixedmindset Psychology professor Carol Dweck put forward these theories. 

growth mindset

We'll start from scratch, starting with the translation of the word "growth". This means in German "growth". Now we know that this species has something to do with a growth. 

It can be anyone in any fielddevelopand always somethinglearn about it

Everyone can also challenge themselves and be successful. You just have to want it. It is also important that you let yourself be inspired. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves how far they want to grow.

The growth mindset offers us numerous challenges that we can tackle. We also learn from negative experiences and draw out the positive. Furthermore, we strive for success and try to develop and grow.

wachstendes Mindset
Wachstum deines Mindset

Fixed Mindset 

Here, too, we simply start with a translation. In German-speaking countries, the English word "fixed" in this context means "fixed". 

"I'm just the way I am" - that's a typical statement of the Fixed Mindset. I am like this and I will not change. This principle, this approach says that you accept the world and therefore yourself as it is. It is important to know that you stand still and accept everything. My talents are so determined and then it stays that way. If I have to try hard, then I'm just untalented. 

This ensures that we are afraid of theFailorcertain challenges, For this reason we accept everything as it is intended for us. Despite everything, it should be mentioned that talents are not innate. We can learn anything. 

festgesetztes Mindset
Zielsystem Planer

Plan your own success and realize your dreams.

Tips and Tricks

1. Finding the right people 

Always keep your most important contacts alive. Take people into your environment who are also in the growth mindset. Also, get involved with your friends and learn together and from each other. Mutual help always comes in a positive light. 

2. Believe in yourself and increase your  confidence

You can always improve and become a pro in your field. You just have to start believing in yourself and also accept challenges. Set yourself tasks that strengthen your awareness. whether it's just talking to one person. Also, make conscious choices and never say, "I don't care!"

3. Allow gratitude

Sometimes you shouldn't forget what a beautiful life you lead. Think of beautiful moments. Life consists of many moments that you were allowed to experience. Everyone on this planet has experienced beautiful moments. Just keep them in mind. 

4. Strengthen yourself by reading biographies

Every skyscraper once started in the basement. Take the time and get inspiration from other successful people like Steve Jobs. Read or watch biographies. This empowers a person by seeing what is possible. Write your own story. 

5. Be curious 

Be curious and find out what makes successful people. Go through life with open eyes and do not miss any opportunities. 

A little attention can be enough to start small talk. Take your chances. 

6. Pursue passion

pursue your passion. Start what you enjoy. So you can concentrate better and don't get distracted so easily. Passion for a certain topic can also determine success. Become a "pro" in your field. Be it a sport or other interests. Many things are possible today. 

7. Solutions instead of excuses

If there are problems, start looking for solutions. Avoid looking for excuses because that will make you unhappy in life. Always look for alternatives that will get you there. 

8. Pursue Visions 

Everyone can dream and make their dream come true. For this reason you should pursue your visions and work on them. don't stop Ask and ask yourself why you want to do exactly that.


Unfortunately, just dreaming is not enough. For this reason, the best thing to do is to start. It doesn't matter if you have a bad feeling. Nothing is better than trying it yourself. Don't prepare yourself all the time. You can learn at any time, but only very few put into action. Even if the required know-how is not available, it can still be learned.

10. Acceptance and responsibility 

Take responsibility for your own life. There will not always be someone who does everything for you. Because of this, you should control yourself and take responsibility. Also, you should just accept some things instead of saying it can't be.realismis the key word here. Finding solutions to problems is a very important part of our lives. 

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Steigere dein Mindset
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